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i Maestri dello IALS
Brian Schulze
Stile: Hip Hop
Jazz Funk / Videodance

Brian grew up in Erie Pennsylvania.  During his childhood he excelled as a gymnast and understood at a young age the rewards of hard work and persistence.  While attending college at Clarion University he discovered his passion for dance and cheerleading was the ultimate combination of his capabilities as a gymnast and this newfound passion. As with anything Brian does- he was ALL IN- choreographing the team and ultimately winning nationals at NCA- one of the top competitions in the world. While keeping a full-time student status with excellent grades, he found time to choreograph for local high schools, all-star cheer teams and dance teams.

After receiving his Bachelor’s in marketing, Brian decided to pursue his ultimate dream of becoming a successful choreographer and made the move to Los Angeles. He began working with top choreographers in the business and honed in on his unique style. His high-energy combination of gymnastics, jazz and hip-hop create an edgy and exciting style that is all his own.

Brian’s ability to look at a production from a “big picture” perspective makes his vision essential to the Infiniti edge. Many choreographers give dancers “steps,” Brian gives them a vision. Taking into account the talent, costumes, overall concept and theme – and most importantly the message and brand of our client – he creates an experience that is perfect for each client’s concept.

Brian is a sought after judge in the dance industry touring with companies like Turn It Up inspiring new talent all over the nation.

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