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i Maestri dello IALS
Chiara Tobia
Stile: Hip Hop

Born and raised in Italy, Chiara studied at the IALS, Academy of Dance. She has had the opportunity to train under some of the best National and International Choreographers.
She specializes in Classic, Contemporary and Hip-Hop. She has recently started training in Salsa and Bachata with KayTee and together they are taking K-Style Salsa and K-Style Bachata to another level. She has constantly studied under great teachers such as Simone Ginanneschi, Jun Quemado, Ian Eastwood, Jillian Meyers, Nick Demoura, Shaun Evaristo and many others directed by Bonce Factory Team.
She has done several theater shows as part of “Out Rule”, a Hip-Hop Dance Company. With the same group, they have won the Italian Hip-hop Championship 2007-2008 and recently the American Camp 2011.
Currently she teaches at the IALS (Academy of Dance) and at other Academies in Italy.


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